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A Strange Coincidence? The Founding of the NWO and the Timing of the Middle East War

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The Middle East War, or as it's called in Common, 'na Akpe Kalla na Sela', i.e. 'the Great Southern War', was the single most devastating occurrence of the 21st century in terms of sheer carnage. Some would argue that the foundation of the New World Order was a catastrophe of equal or greater magnitude, albeit a more subtle disaster that is still unfolding today. The two events occurred very close in time to each other, and many have argued that that isn't a coincidence. Often this type of argument is the province of conspiracy theorists who think the NWO somehow engineered the Middle East War for their own nefarious aims. I don't ascribe to such theories but the timing is nevertheless very interesting and deserves a consideration.

In a nutshell, I reject the conspiracy-minded theories. However much the NWO has a reputation for Machiavellian evil - a reputation the NWO itself is guilty of deliberately stoking - it is composed of people. No sane person wanted nuclear war, and as ruthlessly utilitarian and conversely severely fanatical and doctrinaire the NWO leaders at the time could be, they were not crazy. Cascadia itself had been involved in a limited nuclear exchange with Texas not too long before, and the Cascadians were fully awake to the potential horror of a wider nuclear war. On top of that, there was more than enough impetus to explain the War from the direct actions of the people who prosecuted it. But that's not to say that the founding of the Order had nothing to do with the timing of the War.

We have taken some time to discuss the history of the Middle East War already - see the attached article for more information about this topic. I want to address the matter of timing. First the founding of the New World Order. Here is the sequence of events in a nutshell:

  • 15 May 2043: The Treaty of Istanbul is signed in Turkey, declaring the existence of the New World Order, and committing five signatories, Cascadia, Turkey, Russia, South China and the Northern European Union, and three non-signatory observers, Argentina, North India and Iran, to meet in Seattle to craft a binding Charter to govern the Order.
  • 11 Nov 2043: The Seattle Conference in Cascadia issues the Seattle Declaration, asserting the sole, global sovereignty of the New World Order and declaring the absolute nullification of all previously existing international treaties, agreements and institutions between all parties everywhere on earth.
  • 8 Feb 2044: The Global Charter is unanimously ratified by the Seattle Conference with input from the three observer states, establishing the structure and function of the New World Order.

At this point in history, Globalism was far from flying under anyone's radar anymore. Every state on earth was either Globalist, Globalist-sympathetic, or virulently anti-Globalist. For people of many diverse ideological backgrounds, Globalism was the direst threat humanity had ever faced - the level of polarisation, panic and antipathy is reminiscent of the position of Communism in the 20th century, but arguably much worse.

When the Istanbul Conference and the Seattle Conference issued communiqu├ęs, the world was paying attention. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Seattle Declaration in particular was earth-shaking. Fear and paranoia about the intentions of the Order and its next steps were stoked to a white heat, and in light of later events, not without justification.

When Israel sent in bulldozers on Sunday, 18 Aug 2047 and razed the Dome of the Rock, in retrospect considered to be the start of the Middle East War, the New World Order was three or four years old, depending on how you count, and was already expanding, having already snapped up Poland, Belarus and Ukraine in Europe and with Argentina, North India, Iran and South Africa openly in accession talks.

There has been a distressing lack of access to important documents and opportunities to interview key figures in the decisions that led to the War. Many decision-makers were killed in the War, and in Israel's case, they ended the War sealed off from the outside world. However, the decision by the religious extremists governing Israel at the time to take radical action to spark a conflict and finally settle the status of the Occupied Territories by removing the Arab population may have a sensible and non-conspiratorial link to the actions of the Order.

Iran was a secular, Globalist state at the time and had been part of the NWO process from the beginning. Its ideology may have radically changed in its transition from semi-democratic theocracy to secular democracy to Globalist autocracy, but its mutual animosity with Israel was an enduring constant. Iran is known to have wanted the NWO to commit to resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict in the Palestinians' favour as part of its accession agreement, with the support of NWO-member Turkey, a fact which the Israelis were surely cognizant of. The Iranians also wanted solid commitments from the NWO to contain the power of the Caliphate of Arabia, which the Iranians regarded as a dire threat to world peace (correctly, as it turned out).

We may never know for sure, but it seems likely to me that the radical action the Israelis took may have been triggered by intelligence that the Iranians were close to striking an accession deal that would commit the NWO to action against Israel, and the hardliners wanted to trigger a conflict as a pretext to remove the remaining Arab population before then to create an irreversible fact on the ground.

We do know the Israelis badly misjudged the danger posed by the nuclear-armed Caliphate of Arabia. In the space of a week, events would unfold that would kill hundreds of millions of people and change the destiny of the planet. That initial response likely had nothing to do with the NWO, but subsequent events certainly do.

The Arabian nuclear strike on Iran to ensure with their dying act that their rival would be destroyed as well, and the Caliphate of Pakistan's decision to pile on to the Arabian attack on Iran, which in turn triggered North India to think it was under attack and strike Pakistan with nuclear weapons, which in turn triggered a Pakistani nuclear counter-attack against North India all can trace back to the atmosphere of heightened fear around the threat of Globalism, and the fact that Iran and North India looked like they would shortly join the Order. Pakistan felt threatened, squeezed between two Globalist powers and having fought several skirmishes with North India already over water that had come to the brink of all-out war. The local situation was already a powder keg, and the foundation of the Order significantly added to the volatility and danger.

We have already written about the impact of the War on the growth of the Order - it is hard to say what would have happened without it, but the Order was definitely facing headwinds, both internally and externally, and the War radically changed the global situation in a way that seems to have ultimately greatly advantaged the Order. The Order's internal unity, especially its military unity, advanced rapidly in the wake of the Order's response to the catastrophe, and the Order began to expand rapidly in the wake of the War.

I believe the timing of the War so soon after the rise of the Order was not a coincidence, but also that it was not a conspiracy, or some horrifically monstrous and cynical plan on the part of the Order. Rather, the rise of the Order raised tensions and fears, already running high in a world substantially broken by the Global Collapse and the accelerating effects of climate change, to a level where it could not be long before someone took the world over the brink.

It is ironic that a key tenet of Globalism is that Globalism is necessary to protect humanity from destruction due to the inevitability of war in a world of sovereign nation-states, and yet it may have been the rise of the Order itself that triggered war and nearly doomed humanity!


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