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The Common word for 'race', as in a broad grouping of humans by physical characteristics or purported shared ancestry, is 'na res', a loanword from English. Race as a concept is a human invention and not a biological reality, yet since its invention has shaped and been used to justify profoundly consequential power relationships that have echoed globally down through the centuries. And yet, to mainstream New World Order society, it is somewhat of a foreign concept, as illustrated by the lack of a native Common word for the idea, having faded in significance in shaping human society relative to class divisions. This is not intuitive from the point of view of a British person, but very key to properly understanding New World Order society.

A Brief History

Pre-Collapse, European societies went through a period of rapid and brutal colonial expansion, employing temporary technological advantages as well as the pathogens they carried to virtually annihilate and replace indigenous populations over whole continents, while arbitrarily carving up the map and subjugating peoples in other places. In particular, European powers enslaved millions of Africans, transporting them in particular to colonies in the Americas.

As the elites of these societies began to affect 'gentler' mores over the centuries, there was a need to invent justifications for an order that they profited from handsomely and wished to maintain while maintaining a view of themselves as good people justified in their actions. As part of this movement, formal slavery was progressively banned in territories not making great economic use of it, although workarounds were found. Ultimately, the modern concept of race was invented to form the underpinning of the justifications for the old world order.

The idea of a 'white race' was invented to encompass the in-group of European colonial powers and those physically like them, and in contrast to the 'white race', other races were invented, most notably the 'black race', that encompassed physical characteristics of the sub-Saharan African peoples from whom the Europeans drew most of their slaves. Whiteness was given a special position relative to other races - even in latter American society, it was treated as the default, with 'white' people being unburdened with a perceived identity and interests based on their race. This fact probably has much to do with the fact that it is ironically only white identity that has carried over in any significant way in modern times as the basis of a trol ideology. Members of other groups tend to call to a particular national identity and to not invoke the concept of race.

An astounding and fantastical edifice of intellectual impostures and fabrications was built up around this idea of race, creating an elaborate pseudoscience that for a long time was taken very seriously. Dubious religious interpretations were also pressed into service to justify racism and slavery. From this, ideological racism as we know it was born.

In the 20th century, ideological racism went out of style and 'racist' became a deeply wounding aspersion. However, systemic racism remained alive and well, where systems composed of people who denied ideological racism nevertheless produced objectively racist outcomes, and many institutions, most notably law enforcement, harboured a deep-seated racism. In the early 21st century, right around the COVID-23 pandemic and the beginning of the Global Collapse, the world and especially old 'Western' countries were undergoing a new reckoning with the systemic racism and a living memory of a more overt and violent brand of racial animus, with the political Left pushing reconciliation and reparation, and the Right strongly resisting.

Britain and Free States

In Britain, following the exit from the European Union and the Global Collapse, there was a sharp regression on racial issues. Britain has and had a very significant racialised minority, who became the direct victims of rising nativist sentiment in Britain. When British society went through an awakening in the 2070s, part of this process involved a reckoning with racism that continues today. While systemic racism and pockets of overt racism still exist, and Britons maintain an awareness of race as an issue, we are again at a place where ideological racism is beyond the pale in polite society. In other words, we have come full circle to a very similar position to the one we occupied on this issue in the 2020s, although I hope and believe with a more positive trajectory than a century ago.

The Free State of Quebec is more overtly white supremacist. While Britain is certainly dominated by its white majority, academics dispute the extent of systemic racism and whether it is reasonable to a call Britain a racist state - those academics whose focus is more on foreign policy and security generally do not think so. There is less debate about Quebec, which is overtly nationalist based on a white Qu├ębecois racial identity and which practices what is essentially a form of race-based slavery, albeit extending to brown-skinned people more broadly.

South Korea, Japan and Israel are believed to be highly homogeneous societies, where race as a concept would not be particularly politically salient per se, but where there is a strong national identity of the state being based on a people.

All of this is to say that in the Free States and certainly in Britain, there is a recognisable continuity on the topic of race and who possesses privilege in society based on their appearance and identity. Because of this we tend to not be fully prepared for just how much things have evolved in the last century in the New World Order.

The New World Order

As always, it is useful to preface any general statement about the New World Order by saying that the Order is impossibly vast and varied and resists sweeping generalisations. However, it is generally fair to say, especially where mainstream society in the States is concerned, that the New World Order is a post-racial society whose major fault lines of privilege are based around ideologies and systems of class, not race.

Early 21st century academia in the West was firmly anti-racist overall, and polite society outside academia strongly reflected this ideology, except in the alternative reality of conservative society, which overtly disavowed racism while strongly opposing anti-racist movements, particularly when it came to the movement to extinguish racist symbols in the public sphere. The early Globalists were no exception to this - they were strongly anti-racist and evidently supportive of movements for racial justice and reconciliation. In the present day, Globalist academic opinion is that 'races' are a human invention with no meaningful biological reality that were created to justify certain constructions of power and privilege. However, these apparently progressive beliefs masked some disturbing undercurrents.

A key tenet of Globalism is the eradication of national sovereignty. At a deeper level, Globalist ideology believes in the fundamental unity of humanity, repudiating any rights that inhere on a group level, such as self-determination of peoples. That is how such an apparently progressive movement moved step by step to becoming culturally genocidal, and in particular actively hostile to aboriginal communities that they saw as standing in the way of their efforts to effect vast movements of populations and remake humanity.

The calamities of the Global Collapse and global warming, including war, famine and natural disasters, naturally drove unprecedented movements of human populations, which the Order facilitated as it took over more and more land by enabling borderless travel and actively moving huge populations. The Order actively encouraged intermixing of people, both intentionally and unintentionally - an example of the latter is how individuals who participate in what we would call 'racial mixing' would be looked upon as more 'friendly' to Globalism and receive better treatment than people who maintained stronger community ties, and thus 'marrying out' became, like adopting the Common language, a way to secure advantages.

Most significantly, at an elite level, the early New World Order elite were driven by an ideological desire to remake themselves into essentially one extended family so that their interests would intertwine and ultimately act to hold the Order together. This was accomplished by the elite boarding school system, where the elites sent their children to elite schools in other states, with the intention of 'nature taking its course' and randomly mixing their genes. Over several generations, this practice has been successful at creating an elite class who from a racial perspective are almost entirely 'mixed race'.

These elites know they are anathema to racially minded 'trols', and therefore view racist ideology as a serious threat to themselves, and have acted to stamp it out vigorously.

So, while the pre-Collapse world still had a distribution of national wealth and power which was broadly correlated to the previous colonial system, with privilege largely inhering in race, these correlations have been swept away in the New World Order. People who we would understand as 'white' are not the majority in states like Cascadia, Canada, Chicago, New York or Epekwit, for example, and 'whiteness' is no longer broadly correlated with wealth and privilege in these states.

This upending of the old racial order has led to white supremacy remaining as a very significant trol ideology in territories with a significant 'white' population (although it should be noted that the definition of 'white' has continually shifted, and not all white supremacist trols agree on who qualifies as 'white'). Unfortunately, I have had some encounters with these groups - while they express some legitimate grievances against the Order, in particular its propensity for cultural genocide, their ideology is truly loathsome, and they are willing to routinely commit acts of horrifying cruelty against innocent people, especially when trying to discourage settlement of 'non-white' people in a certain area via terrorist acts. The New World Order security forces deal harshly with white supremacists when they find them, but still these groups persist, attesting to the continued durability of racist ideology.

As to the security forces, pre-Collpase, the predecessors of the modern security forces in many states tended to be rather homogeneous, despite a token minority presence, to reinforce systemic racism, and to have generally right wing sympathies. The Order largely dissolved and reformed these organisations, seeing them as a threat to its power. Modern military and security forces tend to look more like the elites racially, preferring people of very Commonised and mixed backgrounds, on the theory that such people are more likely to support Globalist ideology and join the elites in viewing any sort of identification with a particular people as a threat. They are likely to favour people who are like them and especially of the same class or higher, and persecute people of lower class than themselves or members of communities trying to preserve a distinct identity, whatever that identity might be.

Official ideology in the Order emphasises the unity of the human race, and when it engages with ideologies that emphasise the self determination of peoples at all, it is to paint them as retrograde, or even immoral, disgusting and anti-human, and in this it usefully borrows the concept of 'res'. However, they prefer to avoid the topic at all if they can. They present human divisions as a tragedy that nearly destroyed humanity and the natural world, and the erasure of these divisions as an essential step on the path to preserving humanity and the natural world. They present traditional culture of any kind as backwards and ignorant and unworthy of preservation. The modest exception to this is that in fancy elite education, they do learn major 'classical' world languages like English and Mandarin, and these days have come around to an appreciation of the 'classics'. However, that appreciation comes with a massive dollop of condescension.

So race still exists, as a tense undercurrent acting in opposition to the current order, and in an uncomfortable relationship with legitimate aspirations for national existence and self determination. It exists in a very evolved state from where it sat a century ago. In contrast, class division is always a very present and looming fact at all times in New World Order society, which has shed the residual egalitarianism of the 20th century like it cast aside democracy, and returned to something more reminiscent of 19th century European society, complete with an elite class who are becoming more and more something like a sort of nobility. And this is what needs to be appreciated and internalised by a traveller in order to successfully navigate this society.


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