Classical Gluonic Lexeme


Keywords: insects, animals, agriculture

Pronunciation (IPA): 'geːʒə 
Part of Speech: noun 
Class: FLÁ 
Forms: gooxyo, geexye, gaaxyy 
Glosses: bee 


The ancient Gluonics brought a species of honey bee into Alt-1136 that was used both for polination and for the production of honey. Gluonic refugees to Earth were able to recognise bees, but say that our honey bees are a little bit different than theirs. However, there is no way to verify that because they did not bring any with them to Earth-0001. Today, the word gexy is used for bees and bee-like animals native to Earth-0001 in CG. The appropriate count word is FLÁ for small animals and vermin.

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