Classical Gluonic Lexeme


Keywords: animals, pets

Pronunciation (IPA): 'kʰ 
Part of Speech: noun 
Forms: khoboho, kheboe, khaboy 
Glosses: monkey, macaque 


The Gluonic monkey, or K*A-BO, is genetically a macaque, but the Gluonics have evidently bred them to have longer, soft fur in a variety of colours and even "cuter" faces, as well as a much more pet-friendly disposition. However, they remain wickedly clever animals and feral escapees have been highly successful at establishing themselves in the wild, especially in urban areas, which they are particularly adept at navigating. They are major pests throughout British Columbia's Lowerr Mainland and have been spreading both north and south. Vancouver's ubiquitous street  K*A-BO are a major draw for tourists and a major headache for locals.

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