Classical Gluonic Lexeme


Keywords: animals, pets, agriculture

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ku.pi 
Part of Speech: noun 
Forms: kupio. Kipihe, kypiy 
Glosses: chicken 


The Gluonic KU-PI chicken was brought to Alt-1136 ostensible strictly as a pet, but it was quickly discovered that some people were eating their eggs. While this was ruled by the General Synod to be morally corrupt, it was not seen to rise to the levelk of a crime and was increasingly tolerated. By the time of the Tiifanist rebellion, the strictly illegal underground practice of eating chickens came out in the open. A small number of Gluonic chickens survive on Earth-0001, kept strictly as pets, as modern Gluonics who eat eggs and chicken buy Canadian farm products at the grocery store.

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