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Keywords: medicine, disease

Pronunciation (IPA): 'kon.dat͡ʃ 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: happat 
Forms: kontac, kontacka, kontacca, kontackija, kontacys 
Glosses: contagion, infection, disease, contagious, spread, transmission, vector, transmission, infect, infected, infectee 


Compare to 'jun', attached. Kontac was borrowed into Common in the early modern period effort to expand the language's technical vocabulary as a distanced and technical alternative to the native word 'jun', which originally just meant 'share', but which developed an association with contagious disease colloquially during the middle period.

'Kontac' comes from 'contagious', with the perceived derivational ending stripped as was common practice when borrowing words. It can be used almost precisely like 'jun', except that it is not used in the communication or social media sharing contexts and cannot be used in the original, innocent sense of 'jun' of 'sharing' that 'jun' can still hold albeit generally with sinister connotations.

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