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Keywords: medicine, disease

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ko.vit 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: kofit, sinku kofit, zra kofit, kofitpe, kofitys 
Glosses: covid, cold, flu, sick 


The term kofit was borrowed from the English word covid in the early period. See the attached Topic for details. In modern High Common, in addition to referring to actual covid disease, it is also a general word for similar respiratory infections, and can refer to colds or flu. In a strictly technical context, it refers to covid disease, a respiratory illness caused by a family of closely related coronaviruses (nyr koronafiru). In general parlance, it works as follows:

Respiratory Disease Guild in English and Common
English Common
cold na sinku kofit/na kofitpe (little covid)
flu (influenza) na niflu
covid na kofit/na zra kofit (true covid)

 The 'kofitpe' form uses a slangy diminutive and is a very informal word.

As a verb, 'kofit' is an intransitive pali verb meaning to be sick with such an illness, but it is not often used this way. The modifier form 'kofitys' can be used to mean 'sick'.

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