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Keywords: medicine, disease

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: niflu, niflus 
Glosses: flu, influenza, sick 


The term 'niflu' refers to influenza. In modern High Common, it is also the techical word for the disease. Its origins are obscure - it is atttested from the middle period, and seems to be an attempt to make the word 'influenza' pronounceable by breaking up the illegal cluster in the middle by metathesis, plus shortening. In everyday speech it is common to refer to flu as 'kofit', the Common word for covid, even though covid and flu are not related. See attached article for details.

It is rarely used as a verb, but as a verb it is a pali verb meaning to be sick with flu. It is also rarely used in its modifier form 'niflus', meaning 'sick with flu'.

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