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Keywords: humour

Pronunciation (IPA): 'o.ʒa 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: skurun 
Forms: oxa, oxas, oxaka, oxakas, oxaca 
Glosses: mock, mockery, risible, ridiculous, comedy, comedian, comical, make fun, idiot, clown 


The term 'oxa' refers to mockery - it is a word of humour as a weapon or an expression of contempt, or a negative or dismissive judgment.


As a verb, 'oxa' is a transitive skurun verb taking an ergative mocker and an absolutive subject of mockery. To add a reason or subject o the mockery, use the preposition 're'.


As a noun, 'oxa' means 'mockery', and colloquially can be a word for 'comedy'., as well. In colloquial speech, 'oxaca', or 'mocker', is a word for 'comedian'. The derived form 'oxaka' means 'object of ridicule' and can have a sense like 'idiot' or 'clown' in English, but can also be applied to things as well as people.


The modifier form 'oxas' means 'risible' or 'ridiculous'. The derived form 'oxakas' is often used the same way, but has a slightly different shade of meaning, comparing something to an object of ridicule.

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