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Keywords: senses

Pronunciation (IPA): 'mep.po 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: meppo, meppoca, meppos, meppocas, meppoka, meppokas 
Glosses: sense, intelligence, meppos, sensitive, sharp, sensation, sensor, observant, noticeable 


The term 'meppo' is a general word for sensation. It is an Old Common word.


As a noun, 'meppo' means a sense, or in the paucal, 'nar meppo', means 'the senses'. It is also used idiomatically to refer to a very specific kind of intelligence that we might call 'common sense' in English, but without the folksy connotation.

A number of derived forms are common:

  • meppoca: a sensor, often used as a general word for sensing devices.
  • meppoka: a sensation


As a verb, 'meppo' is a noxaj verb of sensing taking an absolutive sensor and dative thing sensed. Can be used figuratively to talk about something you reason or determine rather than something literally sensed.


A number of modifiers are derived from 'meppo':

  • meppos: sharp, intelligent, observant
  • meppocas: sensitive. Applied to a person it means the person notices everything around them, and it can have a secondary implication of 'thin skinned' in certain contexts. Applied to a sensor, it means the device is literally sensitive.
  • meppokas: noticeable, sensational.  Colloquially, this word has usually positive connotations of attracting notice, but can have a negative sense where notice is not desirable.

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