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Keywords: manufacturing

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: skurun 
Forms: oma, omasyn omaka, omaca, omas 
Glosses: produce, manufacture, product, producer, production, artificial, structured 


Common is distinguished by having a basic, root-level word meaning to produce or manufacture, usually in the context of mass production. 'Oma' can also apply to products made by complex natural systems without intent, and has the effect of depersonalising the phenomenon, relative to words like 'wero' and 'wiru', which connote individual effort and intention.


As a verb, 'oma' means to produce something in an impersonal and systematic way, usually but not always referring to human mass production, and secondarily to natural systems to avoid personalising them. It is a transitive skurun verb taking an ergative system, factory, corporation, etc and an absolutive product.


As a noun, 'oma' means production or product - the sense of production can be clarified with 'omasyn' and the sense of 'product' can be clarified with 'omaka'. 'Omaca' means 'producer'. This form also has a specific meaning in the arts, where 'omaca' is a word for a high-ranking manager responsible for bringing an complex artisitc production to fruition - this sense is a calque of the English 'producer'.


The form 'omas' can be used to mean 'artificial', and can also have the sense of 'structured', as in having the characteristics of a complex production system.


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