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Keywords: science, commerce

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ka.xa 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: kaha, kahas, kahasyn 
Glosses: method, procedure, process, instructions 


The term 'kaha' comes form Old Common and refers to a method or procedure, or the act of executing on a process.


As a noun, 'kaha' refer to a method, procedure or a set of instruction. It can be used in computer science, where it is sometimes used to denote a function or method that is a pice of reusable code in a computer program. Methodology in a more abstract sense is 'kahasyn'.


As a verb, 'kaha' is a skurun verb meaning to process something through a set procedure. It is often used in its antipassive form, where it means to be engaged in following a process. The verbal form is much less used than the noun form.


The modifier form 'kahas' means 'methodical'.

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