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Keywords: demolision, war, terrorism, military, disaster

Pronunciation (IPA): puf 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: pali 
Forms: puf, pufys, pufka, pufkas 
Glosses: explode, explosion, blown up, destroyed, explosive 


The term 'puf' was borrowed from English in the late early or middle period. It has been traced back to video game slang, where killing opponents so that they simply disappear from the game was referred to as "poofing" them. In modern High Common, it pertains specifically to explosions, and can be extended metaphorically to total destruction in general.


As a verb, 'puf' is a pali verb meaning to explode. It can take a skurun causative form where it adds an ergative agent and means to blow something up. It can have a metaphorical meaning of to destroy or be destroyed, but it's base meaning is considered to pertain to explosions.


As a noun, 'puf' means an explosion, or metaphorically can be extended to refer to destruction, especially the act of destruction. The derived form 'pufka' is a word for an explosive substance or device.


The modifier form 'pufys' means exploded or destroyed. The form 'pufkas' referring to a substance or device means 'explosive'.

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