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Keywords: politics

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ra.dik 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: ratik, ratikys, rat 
Glosses: radical, extreme, extremist, awesome, cool, hardcore, badass 


The term 'ratik' was borrowed from the English 'radical' in the early period, originally as 'radikal' or 'ratikal' but eventually shortened down to 'ratik'. It means an extremist as in a political extremist, but has undergone amelioration and can also have the sense in colloquial speech of a person who is 'hardcore' or 'badass', and in modifier form 'ratikys' can mean politically extreme but also have a softer sense like 'awesome' or 'cool', sometimes shortened further to 'rat'.

As a verb, it is a pali verb meaning to be radical, but finds more use in its skurun causative form meaning to make radical, i.e., to radicalise, referring to the process of convincing people to adopt extreme beliefs.

In its policial sense, it can be conflated with 'trol'.

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