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Keywords: craft

Pronunciation (IPA): e'baj 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: epáj, epájys, epájysyn 
Glosses: component, composition, compose, composed 


The term 'epáj' is a derivation of 'paj', 'substance', believed to have arised sometime in the middle period. Its base meaning is 'component'.

In a verb context, it is a pali verb meaning to have a composition, which is then usually expanded upon using components used by the null preposition, or in its skurun causative form, adding an ergative composer. In that form it is often used for things like cooking and musical composition.

The derived modifier form 'epájys' means something like 'put together' or 'composed', and the derived abstract noun 'epájysyn' means 'composition'.

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