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Keywords: society, biology

Pronunciation (IPA): res 
Part of Speech: noun 
Class: pali 
Forms: res, resfisa. rasfisas resys 
Glosses: race (human), racist, racism, racial, subspecies 


The word 'res' is borrowed from the English word 'race' in order specifically to deal with the concept of human races. It can also be used as a shorthand for 'racism'. In the mainstream New World Order context, this word exists to handle a foreign but still somewhat salient and threatening concept, as many trols base their opposition to the New World Order specifically on the concept of race, and the idea lives on in myriad other ways.

'Res' is used almost entirely as a noun, although it can be used as a pali verb meaning 'to be racist' - this usage is somewhat slangy. The derived modifier form 'resys' means both 'racial' and 'racist' depending on context. The derived form 'resfisa' and its modifier form 'resfisas' mean 'racism' and 'racist' more explicitly.

The word also has a specific, technical use in the field of biology to mean a subspecies - biologists defend this usage, saying that it came from the early New World Order efforts to translate scientific and technical vocabulary into Common, which made heavy use of borrowings, and is not related to the borrowing of the word to handle the ideology of human race.

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