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Keywords: employment, economy

Pronunciation (IPA): staf 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: staf, stafys, ustáf, estáf 
Glosses: staff, employee, employed, employ 


The term 'staf' was borrowed from English in the late early or middle period, and deals with employment. It works differently than the English equivalent in some respects, being that one can say 'na staf', 'an employee', and it can't be used as a mass noun but needs to be used in the plural to refer to employees in general, 'naz staf'. As a very it is also different, it means to employ, so if one said, 'Ja Mari te staf Can', it means 'Mary employs John'. You can use it to talk about staffing a company, for example, that would be 'ustáf',  and to get at the idea of a person or group staffing a company as in being its staff would be 'estáf'. To talk about someone being staff somewhere, one would use the modifier form 'stafys'.

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