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Keywords: computers

Pronunciation (IPA): t͡ʃip 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: cip, cipys, chipysyn 
Glosses: chip, integrated circuit, CPU, identity chip 


The term 'cip' comes from the English word 'chip', and specifically refers to microchips, unlike in English, it doesn't have a sense of a piece or bit of something, it was borrowed in its computational sense. Its use goes right back to the early period. It has undergone some reanalysis by Common speakers, who generally think it is a native word - its relationship with 'cep', 'add', recalls the Old Common abstract/concrete distinctions centred around vowel height. An Identity Chip is 'na cip na ehún'.

In a verb context it is a transitive skurun verb meaning to put a chip in something, often in a context of putting a tracking chip on an object or an identity chip in a person or animal.

The modifier form 'cipys' most often means being fixed with an identification or tracking chip.

The derived form 'na cipysyn' refers to microchipping in general, particularly chipping people.

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