Common Lexeme


Keywords: clothing, crime

Pronunciation (IPA): 'ʃi.let 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: xilet, xiletys 
Glosses: vest, block, protection, protect, shield, dress 


The term 'xilet' comes from the Russian 'жилет', meaning vest, and entered the Common language during the modern period, originally as a word for a Faraday cage vest made of metal or carbon fibers designed to defeat NWO tracking chips. The word entered Moscow dialect Low Common and became popularised through Russian screenshows, eventually becoming an established, global High Common word.

It has an edgy and slangy quality, and can have a sense of to shield or protect as a verb, or in very casual context, can have a meaning of clothing or to dress, although this latter usage is more often seen in some Low Common dialects and is far from universal.

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