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Keywords: metallurgy, sports

Pronunciation (IPA): ˈme.dal 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: metal, metalys, metalka 
Glosses: metal, metallic, medal, medalist, flatware 


The term 'metal' was borrowed from English in the middle period and displaced the native word 'coru' as the word for medal. Additionally, this is how the word 'medal' would be rendered in Common, and these became conflated via folk etymology (i.e., "jaz hap poen ija 'metal' ro sin se wero ro na metal" - 'It's called a "medal" because it's made of metal.') By this route, 'na metal' also became the word for 'medal'.

The verb form takes the 'medal' sense, being a pali verb for 'to win a medal' (you can say what in using a prepositional phrase starting in 'e').

The derived form 'metalka' can mean a medalist, and is also a word for metal flatware.

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