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Keywords: metallurgy

Pronunciation (IPA): ˈwer.baj 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: werpaj, werpajs, zra werpaj 
Glosses: iron (metal), steel (metal), be tough and resourceful, have integrity, outclass, overwhelm, tough, honest, made of iron 


The term 'werpaj' refers to the metal iron and comes from Old Common. The pseudo etymology appears to the "make+stuff." During the middle period, it developed the colloquial sense of being tough, capable and honest - it is a pali verb meaning possessing these qualities, and the modifier form has these senses as well as just being made of iron. The phrase "zra werpaj" is a word for steel. In science, werpaj is the scientific term for the element of iron.


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