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Keywords: art, building

Pronunciation (IPA): tak 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: skurun 
Forms: tak, takys, takysyn, takca 
Glosses: paint, painted, painter, painting 


The term 'tak' refers to paint. It is not an Old Common word, and is thought to come from the American English slang 'tag', meaning to spray paint graffiti. The meaning is ameliorated in High Common, and refers to painting an object like a wall as well as to art.

As a term, 'tak' refers to paint. The derived form takysyn refers to painting in general, and takca is a painter, usually a person but possibly a device.

As a verb, tak is a skurun verb meaning to paint, taking an ergative painter and an absolutive thing painted. The colour can be specified by using the colour as an adverb modifier on the verb.

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