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Keywords: chemistry, metallurgy

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: modifier 
Class: colour 
Forms: arke, arken 
Glosses: silver, silvery, shiny, reflective 


The term 'arke' was coined by the AXZ as the chemical name silver. It displaced the native term 'eopaj', which may have been intended by Davidson as a portmanteau of 'eos' and 'pak', so 'bright stuff', which has fallen out of use. 'Arke' was coined from the root 'argentum', reducing it down to 'arken', then noting the ending looks like a Common '-n' ending, allowing a back formation to 'arke', basically 'silvery'.

In its base modifier form it is used to indicate silvery-looking, shiny, made of silver, or silver-plated. The term form 'arken' refers to the element silver in a noun context. More rarely, it can be used in a verb context as a skurun verb to silver plate something.

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