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Keywords: biology, animals

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: term noun 
Class: animal 
Forms: ursa, ursas 
Glosses: bear (animal), bear-like, large, fierce 


The term 'ursa' has come to be accepted as the Common word for 'bear'. Old Common has no word for 'bear', and this gap was never addressed before Davidson's death ended the early canonisation period. Different Common speakers borrowed words form different languages to refer to this animal when needed. 'Ursa', from Latin, was attested early but did not gain prominence until the AXZ declared this the preferred word for bear during their initial efforts at expanding and codifying the Common language. Today, slang terms for 'bear' may be found in certain Low Common dialects as holdovers from the Middle Period, but overall, 'ursa' has won out.

Used in a noun context, 'ursa' refers to the animal. As a modifier, 'ursas' has a certain currency as a word meaning 'bear-like', or 'large and fierce'. Ursa has very little use in a verbal context, but when used as a verb, it is a pali verb meaning to 'be a bear'.

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