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Keywords: common objects

Pronunciation (IPA): lam 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: lam, lamys 
Glosses: stick, rod, penis, fuck, dickish, masculine 


The term 'lam' is a very general word that refers to a stick or a rod. It is an Old Common word. The modifier form 'lamys' means rod-like. It is also one of the innumerable slang terms for penis, a secondary development. Originally in a verbal context it was a pali verb meaning to be rod-like, but a slang usage as a skurun verb meaning 'to fuck' quickly developed, and because of taboo avoidance, this usage is the only modern verbal usage of this term. However, as a noun, it is not considered vulgar unless used in a vulgar way 

In slang, the modifier form 'lamys' can mean something like 'dickish', but in Common the connotation is almost complimentary, with a sense like masculine or dominant in addition to the sense of being a jerk.

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