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Keywords: fluids, movement, space

Pronunciation (IPA): ˈt͡ʃ 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: cajer, cajerys, cajerysyn 
Glosses: Circulation, vortex, circulate, circle (movement), traffic, orbit 


The word 'cajer' is first attested in the middle period and is believed to come from the English word 'gyre', but no one knows for certain. The original sense was something like 'vortex', but it is a much more versatile and commonly-used word in modern High Common.


Cajer is a noxaj verb of motion, with an Absolutive mover and a Dative thing moved around. It can apply to anything from water flowing in the ocean to birds circling carrion in the sky. It means to circulate or circle around. It is very often used in a disintentive pali form with the indirect object removed meaning just to circulate or circle. It is also a word for orbit.


As a noun, cajer refers to a circulation, vortex, orbit, or circular motion, referring either to the constituents or the path. Abstractly, it can refer to traffic of people on foot or vehicles, perhaps customers of a business or visitors to a web site, sometimes but not necessarily abstractified as cajerysyn.


As a modifier, cajerys means something like 'circulating'.

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