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Keywords: art, writing

Pronunciation (IPA): pax 
Part of Speech: term verb noun 
Class: skurun 
Forms: pah, pahys, pah, pahwala, pahysyn 
Glosses: mark, marking, marked, marker, pen 


The term 'pah' is an Old Common word meaning a mark, as in a mark made intentionally, generally by a human being, but not ascribing meaning necessarily to the marking, unlike 'rim'. The implication is not that the marking is meaningless, the expression is generally neutral to whether the markings have any meaning.


In a noun context, 'pah' refers to a mark on something. 'Pahwala'  is a marker or pen of some kind. 'Pahysyn' refers to markings in general or in an abstract way.


As a verb, 'pah' is a trasnsitive skurun verb meaning to make a mark, taking an ergative marker (device or agent) and an absolutive thing marked.


As a modifier, 'pahys' means something like 'marked up' and has a bit of a sense of damaged or used.

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