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Keywords: writing, arts, law

Pronunciation (IPA): u'ga.wan 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: ukáwan, ukáwanys, ukáwanka 
Glosses: duplicate, copy, replicate, reproduce, reproduction 


The term, 'ukáwan' is a derived form of 'kawa', 'two', which  has diverged from its origins enough to merit its own lexical entry. In a verb context it means to duplicate or copy. This specific usage was not attested in Old Common, but developed and became popular by the early period. This word has a very similar usage and meaning to 'koppi', a loanword, linked below, Ukáwan tends to apply to strict, accurate duplication as one might engage in to create a forgery, whereas 'koppi' covers a broader and more abstract range,

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