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Keywords: agriculture, society

Pronunciation (IPA): ˈaɡ.ri 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: akri, akrica, akrika, akris, akrisyn, akritrema 
Glosses: farm, farmer, farm owner, farm manager, overseer, farming, agriculture, agricultural, rural 


The term 'akri' was borrowed into Common in the middle period, partly to form the basis for words having to do with agriculture, but mainly as a word to describe the big, soulless corporate farms run by armies of slaves in all but name that came to dominate global food production as the world began to recover from the Global Collapse. The AXZ came to bless 'akri' as the preferred root to derive fireball vocabulary pertaining to farming, and the core meaning of referring to this specific style of farm stuck.


In a verbal context, 'akri' is a transitive skurun verb meaning to farm a piece of land, or to produce something by farming. E.g.

Je te akri yz harut.

"I farm cattle."

Ja Tajson te akri a spet skel.

"The Tyson corporation farms this field."


In a noun context, 'akri' is a specific kind of large corporate-owned farm, as discussed. The derived form 'akrica' can be used to refer to anyone in this business who has any authority and prestige running or supporting it, like a manager, an overseer, a veterinarian or a crop geneticist. Despite the way the verb context is structured, 'akrika' does not work quite like you'd expect. It wouldn't mean a field, unless you were talking about what a company farms more in aggregate. It can refer to farm animals. And, damningly, it can also refer to people indentured to perform backbreaking menial labour on the farm. This usage would be casual, though, for public consumption these companies would refer to such workers as 'metuca', 'rooters', a word that properly refers to freeholders when used unironically. 

The derived form 'akrisyn' refers to agriculture in general. The derived form 'akritrema' is a word for a corporation primarily focused on running 'akri'. It's slightly informal but it's becoming increasingly acceptable in formal contexts over time. 


The modifier firm 'akris' means 'agricultural' or 'rural', even outside the context of this specific kind of farm due to the association of 'akri' with neutral technical vocabulary.

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