Common Lexeme


Keywords: demonym, society, culture

Pronunciation (IPA): ' 
Part of Speech: modifier 
Class: origin 
Forms: juro, juron, juroka 
Glosses: European, be European 


The modifier 'juro' is one of the few generally licit and accepted ethnically-based demonymic adjectives permitted in proper High Common. It became estanlished in the language during the middle period. The AXZ standardised the spelling as non-capitsalised and the grammatical usage as strictly as a modifier in the early modern period.

The derived terms for 'juron' or 'juroka' for European person are severely deprecated. They are considereded ignorant as best and impolite and actively seditious at worst. It is highly recommended to avoid these forms. Common speakers are thinking of the actual European continent when they use this word, with Britain included, not 'white'-identifying people outside of Europe.

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