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Keywords: society, culture, biology, microbiology

Pronunciation (IPA): 'kul.dur 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: skurun 
Forms: kultur, kulturys 
Glosses: culture, cultured, cultural 


The term 'kultur' was borrowed from internally-used vocubulary in the late early period or the middle period and means approximately what it means in the other languages that use it - a blanket term for the customs of a society or social group, with a generally positive association, such that it is often also synonymous as well with more highly regarded artistic experession. The AXZ also enlisted it for its common meaning in biology, the deliberate growth of a microorganism for scientific or biotechnological purposes.


As a noun, 'kultur' is refers to either the human cultral meanings described above, or to an instance of growing a microbiological culture.


Kultur is rarely used as a verb outside science. Its official correct usage is as a transitive skurun verb meaning to grow a culture where the ergative subject is the entity arrnaging the growth or possibly a medium or vessel in which the growth occurs, and the absolutive object is the thing grown. It also has a slangy colloquial sense where it is uses as an intransitive pali verb meaning to be refined an culktured, in a positive sense.


The modifier form 'kulturys' can mean either cultural or cultured, in a human sense, or originating from a microbial culture in a scientific or industrial sense.

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