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Keywords: LBGTQ, Pride, lunys, culture, society

Pronunciation (IPA): trak 
Part of Speech: modifier 
Class: purpose 
Forms: trak, trakyn, trakkuin 
Glosses: drag (culture, performance), drag queen 


See the attached article for the complete history of this work in Common. 'Trak' comes fomr the English 'drag' via international drag culture. In modern High Common, it is a modifier, describing something or someone as posessing a drag aesthetic or presentation.

The term form ' trakyn', generally only even used in a oun context, refers to either drag as an artfowm in general, or else specifically to a drag queen. The expressions 'ny trak kuín' or 'ny trakkuin' for a drag queen are mostly archaic in the early 22nd century, although I gather they are still current alongside 'ny trakyn' in some places.

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