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Keywords: sex, prostitution, society, LBGTQ, lunys

Pronunciation (IPA): ku'in 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: kuín, kuínys 
Glosses: prostitute, whore, sex worker, whorish, slut, slutty, bitch, bitchy 


The term 'kuín' comes from the English word 'queen', but in Common is has become pejorated to being a word for prostitute. The word no longer necessarily has feminine associations and can refer to a sex worker of any gender. It is worth bearing in mind, however, the sex work is much more accepted in most parts of the New World Order than it is in Britain, and while still mildly pejorative in the popular imagination, sex work has become much less stigmatised in the last century.

The pejoration of 'queen' to a word meaning prostitute certainly looks like the typical historical process of ordinary words for women undergoing pejoration over time (compare 'housewife' and 'hussy', and there are innumerable other examples in innumerable languages). However, there is evidence, albeit not absolutely conclusive, that the word 'queen' actually entered Common from drag culture, and that it acquired its meaning of 'whore' from drag insult comedy. To this day, although 'kuín' has largely fallen out of use as a word for drag performer, supplanted by 'trakyn', drag queens to this day have a tradition of referring to each other using kuín as an 'honorific'. See attached article for more details.


In a noun context, 'kuín' refers to a sex worker. The gender or gender presentation used to be implied as feminine, but this is no longer the case in the modern language. 'Kuín' is also used as an honorific head term amongst drag queens. It can also be extended metaphorically to mean something like the English word 'slut' when there is no monetary transaction. It can even have a sense similar to 'bitch' in English, although it isn't quite as feminine gendered and can more colloquially be used to refer to a man.


As a verb, 'kuín' is an intransitive pali verb meaning to whore (oneself out). It can mean literal prostitution, or just having anonymous casual sex by metaphorical extension.


The derived modifer form 'kuínys' means something like 'whorish' or 'slutty', 'in the manner of prostitutes'. It can have a sense like 'bitchy' as well.

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