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Keywords: food, animals, emotions

Pronunciation (IPA): 'kal.lo 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: pali 
Forms: kallo, kallos 
Glosses: chicken, coward, cowardly, flee, back down, submit 


The term 'kallo' is an AXZ blessing of one of the many competing words for 'chicken' in use globally in Common (such as 'ajam' in many parts of East and Southeast Asia) at the time of the rise of the New World Order. It is based loosely on the scientific name for chickens, Gallus domesticus. When New World Order people want to refer to chicken the food, they usually refer to it as 'pisi', 'bird'.

The word 'kallo' has picked up the English cultural association of 'chicken' with fear and cowardice. 'Kallo' can be a word for coward, and 'kallos', cowardly. As a verb, 'kallo' is an intransitive pali verb meaning something like to flee or to chicken out, which can add an object of fear introduced with 'ro'. This appears to be a linguistics association and not an association with the animal in NWO culture, because other words for chicken, like 'ajam', might mean something almost opposite, like stupid and aggressive.

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