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Keywords: animals, biology, birds

Pronunciation (IPA): 'a.nat 
Part of Speech: term noun verb 
Class: noxaj 
Forms: anat, sinku anat, anatpe, puxi anat 
Glosses: duck, goose, swan, float, glide 


The term 'anat' is the High Common word for duck-like waterfowl. It comes from the name Anatidae for the biological family to which these related birds belong. Although it was cemented in Common by the AXZ, it is attested in Common with this meaning earlier than that. 

Generally the core meaning of this word is felt to be 'goose' but maybe speakers. To disambiguate if necessary, phrasal names are used: 

  • Duck: na sinku anat, na anatpe (little goose)
  • Swan: na puxi anat (fancy/bougie goose)

It can also be a word meaning to float or glide effortlessly on the water in a verb context, although this usage is not terribly common 

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