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Flag of Kanhlengo

Flag of Kanhlengo

The Flag of Kanhlengo is designed after the Union Jack, which is symbolic of the law of anglo-pronounceability, due to anglophone influences on Kanhlengo. The colors derive from the Pride Flag, which is symbolic of how the language is inclusive of gender and sexual minorities, on a blank (white) field, which is symbolic of how the language is never finished. In the center of the flag, is the seal (or "tamga") of the Crimean indigenous people (the closest cousins to the fictional Kanhlengi), in black because Black Lives Matter.

History of the Flag

Flag of Kanhlengo (1856)

In 1856, the Kanhlengi adopted the above flag after the Crimean War. It was designed after the Union Jack to signify their strong alliance with the United Kingdom. Later in 1917, the Crimean Tatar people would design their own flag, which is a simplified version of the 1856 Flag of Kanhlengo.

Flag of Kanhlengo (2004)

In 2004, the Kanhlengi officially recolored their flag (see above) in accordance with the Pride Flag to support movements for marriage equality around the world. In 2020, the seal would be recolored black as a response to the George Floyd protests, giving us the modern version of the Flag of Kanhlengo.


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