The Great Game: Kanhlengo Language

The Great Game: Kanhlengo

The Great Game grew out of a post by Stephen DeGrace in the Facebook Group Crazy Conlang Ideas, to whit:

"A conlang created by all the members of this group.

The project would have a moderator, let's call them the Dungeon Master, who doesn't get to contribute, but just acts as the referee.

In order to get around the inevitable problem that no one can agree on the features, we will proceed in turns. On your turn, you get to add one thing to the language, or declare one thing like the phonology, or vocabulary in a certain subject area closed. The DM's job is to rule on how much is "one thing" so that someone doesn't submit 7000 words on their turn.

All submissions that count as "one thing" are automatically accepted! The other players have to build on the previous submissions.

I think this method of combining our talents will produce, uh, a unique result."

Some people expressed genuine interest in actually doing this. Thus the Great Game was born. This conlang blog is the gameboard for the Game. If you want to know more about how the platform itself work, see this article About Welconlang.

As of Move 30, the name of the language is "Kanhlengo," and the speakers are "Kahnlengi."

The last move before the game petered out was Move 138 on 18 Dec 2020.

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