The Great Game: Kanhlengo Topic

Kanhlegi Art

Keywords: art, culture

Move 133: The Artistic Expression

The Kanhlengi love the arts and are praised for their artistic skills. Their art has been described as vibrant and powerful. Critics describe the art style exhibited by the artists of origin from the Black Sea to be a play on traditional folk art, it is reminiscent of georgian impressionism and turkish carpet art. 

The Kanhlengi call the art style by two names: Sraviüethsüæg which is the older name, retaining the archaic S-initial cluster and is an archaic compound which roughly means "We receive the beauty from seeing"; modernists want to use an easier word for the art style because of the unwieldy length and consonant clusters of it, therefore they call it Kanserek which means "Colour language".

Anglophones tend to misinterpret the words and use them together to refer to the style as Srovietshay-Konsrekism. 


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