The Great Game: Kanhlengo Literature

Vifxitëzom vifxitëüæm: A poem

Vifxitëzom vifxitëüæm: vifxitëüim ddaddaüæm vifxitëse:

Vifxitëüim faxeüæm vifxitëfer. vifxitëüim vaxeüæm vifxitëfer:

Vifxitëüim suüæm üopüopug. üuüæüæm üopüopug. notüomüæm üopüopug. potüomüæm üopüopug:

Giphtiszom kiphtihs. ñiphtisüim ziphtis. ño

Vifxitëüim vifxitëüæm:


I know people need people. People need to travel to people.

People need to speak with people, people need to weep with people.

People need to love one other, need to miss one other, need to squeeze one other, need to kiss one other.

I'm told solitude is difficult; I know loneliness is boring, because

People need people.


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